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Our services
These are just some of the services we offer:
  • Free estimates on replacement or new installations.                                    
  • $85 Basic Maintenance Visit Includes: 1" standard filter replacement and a six point visual inspection of either heating or AC system.                              
  • $180 Full Maintenance Visit   This is a more thorough maintenance/inspection. Does not involve disassembling components.
  • $99 Service/Diagnostic Visit Includes: Diagnostic/troubleshoot and estimate for repair.  This can be applied towards repair if you choose to move forward with it on the same day.
  • Coil cleaning                                 Average price is $250 for condenser coil and $450 for evaporator coil. Price will vary depending on accessibility.
Honesty - Integrity - Value

Our experienced technicians arrive when we say they will. We don't recommend any service that you don't need. 
If we can fix it without the need for new parts, we will. Our profits come from repeat business & recommendations  ...period. 

We are the only repair service company you will ever need to call for your heating and air conditioning needs. In fact, when we complete a service, many times we can improve on the efficiency or performance of your existing equipment.

For example an undersized return air duct can reduce the capacity of your unit and shorten the life of the fan/blower motor. It's little things like this that will save you money down the road.


Note:    Maintenance calls are only scheduled during spring and fall.
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